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Who am I ?

After a career completely different from this one, I decided it was time to live for my passion for animals and especially their well-being.

Having acquired the ACACED (Certificate of Knowledge for Companion Animals of Domestic Species) following my training as a behavioral canine educator, I will do everything possible over the sessions so that the relationship, and even the couple " human-dog" that you train, is as harmonious as possible.

I practice positive education (without coercion or violence) and positive reinforcement learning.

I have also integrated into my canine education courses the notion of care through "Medical Training" or "care training" or even "cooperative care" which comes to us from zoos.

If necessary, I can also advise you on your companion's diet if he no longer wants his kibble or the stools are soft, for example.

With my dog, we did agility together and a herd initiation day on sheep, two disciplines for which she is gifted! These are just good times shared and bonds strengthened!

In 2012, I went to Portugal for an eco-volunteering mission in the Iberian wolf recovery center. I was able to observe the wolves collected, participate in the feeding, observe them. You had to be patient because they were still semi-wild! It was very interesting and a great experience.

I also put my services at your disposal during your holidays, weekends, trips... when your companions cannot accompany you, by offering you a family canine boarding house to take care of them, as if they were at home. the House !

Enjoy your visit and look forward to meeting you and your life companions!

Qui suis-je
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