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Pension canine

dog sitting

Cani'Bonheur is also home dog sitting or family canine boarding (without boxes or kennels) in Saint-Branchs (37)  or, visits to your home according to your needs.

Family dog boarding

I propose to take care of your companions in your absence,  whether for a weekend, a few days or a vacation, so that they have a reassuring home, company, friends to play with!
The main advantage of family care  is that your companions do not spend their holidays in boxes, with few outings and little or no affection.

Plants on the Window

Home visit

I can come to your home  during your absence, in order to take care of your animals. I will make sure they are well, that they have something to eat/drink, cuddles and I can even take them out for a walk.

If you wish, I can pick up the mail and why not water the plants, just let me know!

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