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Reviews about Laetitia

Jeremy M. - August 10, 2021

I left Achille, a very big dog, to go on vacation....Ideal setting for the dogs, she took very good care of them, nothing to say, perfect experience!! following that I took dressage lessons which paid off ... I recommend 100%

Virginie S. - August 09, 2021

Hermès, 15 months, spent 10 days with Laetitia this summer, for the first time. Very good stay surrounded by friends, enjoying the garden. Laetitia regularly sent us news.
A very good family pension, welcoming, warm, where we will leave him again without hesitation. 🐶

Aliette C. - August 07, 2021

Laetitia is a person who loves animals, very good advice and very professional, I highly recommend her.


Patrick J. - August 04, 2021

Enchanted by the meeting with laeticia. She has an approach with animals that touches me deeply, I would not inherit leaving my dog to her in daycare. She also has very good advice for education.


Fanny B. – July 25, 2021

I kept my dog at cani'bonheur for a weekend. This is a nice family pension. Laëtitia, the manager, is attentive to the well-being of the animals and gave us news several times during the shift. I will put my dog back at cani'bonheur with her eyes closed because I'm sure she will enjoy her stay there!

Emmanuelle C. – July 10, 2021

Laetitia is great with dogs. During our absence we had small messages, photos and video. What not to worry about! We will call Laetitia back without any problem!


Claudine B. - June 20, 2021

Very warm welcome from the dog and the owner.
We left our dog in total confidence because we feel that Laetitia is very professional. She masters and understands canine behavior.
After three days of care, we found our 🐕 completely fulfilled.

Cedric J. - June 03, 2021

I appreciated Laëtitia's professionalism and responsiveness, I recommend 👍
A few more photos would have been nice 😉


Pierre P. - May 13, 2021

Very warm welcome by leatitia and her spouse. Release with other dogs is done gradually. I recommend


Remy L. – April 26, 2021

We consulted Laeticia several times for our young labrador. His advice was very helpful and our dog quickly became more docile. We also picked her up very happy with her week in boarding school.

Stephanie J. – April 21, 2021

We called on Laetitia to accompany us with the arrival of our puppy in our home. She was able to listen to both our dog and his masters. She knows how to put us in confidence and give us all the keys for the education of the puppy. We were able to work on the basics of education both indoors and outdoors.
We will not hesitate to call upon his services should the need arise.

Manon R. – April 10, 2021

Our Australian Shepherd had a great stay! Laëtitia is very professional, takes good care of our animals and reacts quickly to the slightest problem. thank you

Melanie R. -  March 26, 2021

We left Pongo our 2 year old shiba for 1 week. All went very well. Laëtitia is kind and responds quickly to messages. We got a text after the first night and mid week. Which is very professional and nice not having to send a message from ourselves. I recommend if you are looking for a place to drop your dog off! 🐕🐶

Dylan D.-  February 17, 2021

My Belgian Shepherd Malinois has made a lot of progress thanks to the lessons and advice from the educator.

Person who listens and who takes the time with the master like the dog with a positive education.

I recommend without hesitation

Marie L.-  January 21, 2021

The countryside all around a beautiful park to relax the animals. An educator at the top passionate about her activity.

Sylvie L.-  November 30, 2020

I left my Loulou in pension for 15 days of vacation and I was perfectly confident.

On my return I found my baby happy.

Laetitia is a professional and it shows.

Stephanie D. -  November 27, 2020

We called on Cani'Bonheur regarding the canine education of our young Bernese mountain dog: the advice is of course personalized and adapted to our needs and it has above all paid off! We also entrusted our Paco for a few days as part of an accommodation and everything went very well. The confidence is there!

Clemence G. -  November 25, 2020

Laetitia took care of our month-old Australian Shepherd wonderfully during day cares with other dogs! Time for walking, playing and resting well distributed throughout the day. We recommend with your eyes closed!!! And we won't inherit Spoon again when we have to be away!

Celyne C. -  October 15, 2020

We loved having Laeticia with us during the first months with our puppy. She advised us during several sessions so that we had the best reflexes and habits as soon as Dewey arrived in our home. Very attentive and available, we have really grown in our role as masters thanks to her. Thank you !

Michele R. -  October 06, 2020

For a first care of our German Shepherd puppy, we are very satisfied. We will renew with confidence.

Ludivine G. -  September 19, 2020

Our 8 month old dog Ron spent 3 days with laetitia. great contact. small family boarding house where I will leave my dog with my eyes closed. Thank you

Celia M. -  September 15, 2020

A member of my family advised me Laeticia to perform a few days guard for my Australian Shepherd. I was more than satisfied! First meeting with his dog. Laeticia very quickly identifies the character of our canine friends and was very reassuring. My doggie came back in great shape after his stay. I highly recommend!

Stephanie P. -  September 09, 2020

We trusted our dog Leska to Lætitia this summer. Very professional, she pays great attention to the dogs kept. The news and photos sent regularly allowed us to fully enjoy our vacation.

Emeric F. -  September 07, 2020

My dog was at Cani'bonheur for 2 weeks this summer. It was just happiness for her. Everything went very well. Getting along with other dogs and the park were perfect for her. The manager is top with our hairy. Only positive. We know where to leave it with confidence.

Marine D.-  September 05, 2020

Very very good experience with Laëtitia who helped us a lot. In view of the problem concerning the barking of our dog, she was able to guide us, inform us and give us solutions to put in place in order to improve the situation.
Both in person and on the phone, she does not hesitate to help us while waiting for the first session/visit, and/or the second.
I recommend Laëtitia for all problems with her animal because of her professionalism, her attentiveness, but also her friendliness and her good humor (not to mention her love for dogs)


Elodie C. -  August 07, 2020

Our 5-month-old loulou (cane corso) stayed with Laetitia for 4 days and he seems to have felt at home there. I strongly recommend Laetitia whether for her professionalism or for her human qualities. She is very attentive and very attentive to the specificities of each 4-legged companion. Thank you for taking care of our loulou as if it were a member of your family ☺️

Natalia L.-  July 31, 2020

Laetitia is very attentive to the needs of the dogs in her care. A real professional who knows how to adapt and personalize her relationship with different dogs.

Audrey B.-  March 17, 2020

Laetitia is a serious, friendly and very professional person. She gives regular news as well as photos. We have an Australian Shepherd with a very protective character and a little dominant, we were very apprehensive, but she took the time to meet with us several times so that our dog would get used to her. And there was no problem. We highly recommend it. (8 days pension)

Natacha D. -  March 10, 2020

very professional person

Emeline L. -  February 26, 2020

Laëtitia took care of Molly (3 years old, fox + spaniel mix) for 10 days. The results are extremely positive for this first shift.
Our dog was able to take advantage of the garden, the presence of 4 other medium-sized dogs, her basket in the warm house, improved bowls, and the kindness, availability and professionalism of Laëtitia.
We really hope that Molly can be kept by Laëtitia this summer.

Mathilde F. -  February 23, 2020

Oupette came back so delighted that she wants to come back.
Thank you for your presence and your sweetness

Florence M. -  February 23, 2020

A big thank you to Cani'bonheur. Total confidence in Laeticia. I leave him my little bulldog in complete confidence. A family life of walks.. only happiness 👍☺️

Annick J. -  February 22, 2020

We entrusted our young dog for ten days to Laetitia. We are very satisfied. We got Patton back in great shape. Everything went well. Besides, we will give it back to him very soon.

Charlotte R. -  February 20, 2020

We contacted Laetitia-Bonheur (yes!!) for advice for our little Chihuahua Moustike, 3 years old! Behavioral problem. Came home on January 25, very smiling, took the time to observe, listening, gentleness. And did not hesitate to give some advice also for the other doggies in the family!
We applied one of these recommended methods, the next day, and it works! Yippee!
Thank you Laeticia-Bonheur, we will not hesitate to contact you if necessary!

Nicholas D.-  February 05, 2020

good professional thank you

Matthew W. -  February 03, 2020

Another huge thank you to Laëtitia for the welcome given to my dog as if it were her own. An excellent contact with a person showing great professionalism and a lot of humanity. My dog immediately seemed very comfortable and happy to enjoy the other playmates.

Evelyn M. -  February 02, 2020

Parma had an excellent stay with Laëtitia to the point that he didn't want to leave...

Maeva J. -  January 21, 2020

Very happy. Our dog nyxi was very well received. Laetitia is very attentive to the well-being of the animal. We highly recommend.

Sophie L.-  January 08, 2020

We entrusted our dog Oska last weekend to Laëtitia for the first time. Laëtitia immediately appeared to us to be very professional and concerned about the well-being of her residents. We really appreciated this mode of care in a family environment "like at home" and Oska also seems to have had a lot of fun, she was able to have fun with her other congeners. She came back in great shape. We have already booked for our next vacation!

Jerome G. -  December 29, 2019

I had my Czech wolfhound (a pretty difficult dog) looked after, they looked after him twice and it went very well.

They advised me on his education.

They take the dogs out and handle them like their own dog.

Laëtitia and her spouse are welcoming, trustworthy.

Very pleasant and attentive people. She knows her job perfectly.

Rates are affordable!

The dogs are well supervised.

I recommend!


Fabienne B. -  December 28, 2019

Laetitia is very attentive and took very good care of Paddy. I recommend, Cani'Bonheur lives up to its name.

Manon J. -  December 14, 2019

Very good experience for Wedel. Laetitia is very sweet and I would trust her with my eyes closed.

Marine V.-  November 29, 2019

The care of our dog went very well.

Fanny C.-  November 24, 2019

Live had a great weekend. More than a dog sitter, a real behaviorist! Live will be back, that's for sure.

Clementine L. -  November 15, 2019

We left our dog Kinaï several days in custody at Laëtitia and we found her in great shape. Laëtitia is passionate and attentive and it shows! The setting is ideal, I will leave her on guard again with her eyes closed!

Valerie C. -  November 11, 2019

I had a great week with friends at Lætitia. I will return with pleasure.

Olaf (Australian Shepherd)

Laurie P.-  November 04, 2019

It was very reassuring for us to leave our three-month-old puppy with Laëtitia. Because of her job, she is all the more able to take good care of dogs, and she is also full of good advice! Thank you Laëtitia and see you soon!

Valerie L. -  October 22, 2019

Hello everyone, my name is Hatchie and just like the movie, I have lost my master… difficult time in which I took over the reins of my family. After a few education lessons with Laëtitia, I found my place and my mistress is now delighted to take me for a walk. Congratulations again for all the advice and patience shown to me! A big THANK YOU and big lick! HATCHIE

Laurie M. -  October 31, 2019

We didn't expect to find a "canine nanny" as ideal as Laëtitia! We have no worries about leaving Truffle, our Labrador puppy, who is always happy to find Laëtitia. Moreover, Laëtitia is very accommodating and flexible, not to mention her love for animals. See you soon... with a growing Truffle!


Isabelle T. -  October 13, 2019

Favorable opinion. My dog O'Rus, a large Weimaraner, was treated very well in a very pleasant family atmosphere. I picked it up in great shape and ready to go back.

Anne-Marie D. -  September 22, 2019

Laetitia took excellent care of my dog. I found him happy and healthy. I would trust him again without hesitation.

Emily T. -  August 7, 2019

Serene and serious home. You can go there with your eyes closed. We feel that Naya had a great stay. Thank you very much Laetitia.

Severine C. -  March 5, 2019

It is with pleasure and confidence that I will leave Nestor again with Laëtitia if the opportunity arises.


Chantal R. -  March 4, 2019

Serious and kind. secure framework. I recommend.

Axel R. -  February 24, 2019

Everything went very well: from reception to recovery. Onel seems to have had a very good weekend. If the opportunity arises again, we will leave Onel without hesitation with Laëtitia.


Christine P. -  February 22, 2019

We left our Nouka for 4 days. We took it back as if nothing had happened. Very good person who takes care of our little animals very well. Do not hesitate.


Francois L. -  February 5, 2019

Very pleasant person, competent, available and good advice, animal lover. Happy dog. Owner delighted. Congratulations to Laetitia. You can place your full trust in him.

Jordan G.-  January 31, 2019

We asked Laetitia to keep Naïa for 4 days, with only one day's notice. Laetitia responded very quickly and agreed to help us, despite the very short deadline imposed on her. Laetitia was very welcoming and attentive, Naïa had a great stay. We recommend !!!


Isabelle R. -  January 30, 2019

Laetitia is a charming, serious, trustworthy woman, attentive to animals! I highly recommend her.


Xavier S.-  January 20, 2019

I left my dog for 5 days with Laetitia. Everything went extremely well. A lot of listening on his part to take into account the specific needs of my dog. Laetitia regularly gives news. So I'm entrusting my dog to him again next week for 2 days and I'm leaving with peace of mind!


Pascaline L. -  December 23, 2018

Laétitia is a great dog sitter: she gives news, sends photos and above all she practices positive education!! With her dog as a playmate, Nikka had a good weekend;)

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