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What do the stools of your companions reveal?!

It is not uncommon during education sessions or behavioral appointments that I discuss with my clients the appearance of their dogs' stools.

It may seem weird to some and a little disgusting, but it says a lot about the transit of loulou(te).

Who says transit, says given food.

It can be kibble and that's the majority of cases. There are some with more or less animal protein, before or without cereals, with little cereals, etc.

It can be mash with or without kibble. Note that the mash is made up of 70% water, so do not feed your dog only with this or in very large quantities.

It can be in the form of a household ration, that is to say based on animal proteins, starches, vegetables, which you prepare yourself. Or a mix of household ration and croquettes.

It can be BARF, that is to say a diet based on raw meat.

Each dog is different and each will digest the food given in their own way.

In order to get an idea of your pet's gastric health, it is always interesting to look at the state of his stools.

And to help you in this process, here is an adaptation of the Bristol scale (visual scale dividing human stool into seven types).

It's up to you!

Laëtitia from Cani'Bonheur

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