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Identification and vaccination

Only identified dogs (tattoo or microchip) and up-to-date vaccinations (more than 15 days and less than a year old) against distemper, Parvovirus, Rubarth's hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Para-influenza (CHPPi-L) and kennel cough as well as rabies vaccination.

The health book and the identification papers must be given to the pension when the dog is dropped off.

In the following cases, the liability of the pension cannot be engaged in the event of flight, illness or death of the animal:

  > CHPPi-L vaccination / kennel cough not up to date or missing signature.

  > No identification, identification not legible.

  > Absence of health record or identification paper or outdated papers.


Conditions of refusal and acceptance of the animal

Miss Laëtitia Lamamy reserves the right to refuse entry to an animal that does not have sufficient hygiene and health standards, is contagious or too aggressive.

Females in heat cannot be accepted. The owners of non-sterilized females must stipulate the date of the last heat on the day of entry into boarding of these. If, despite these precautions, your dog should come into heat during her stay, Miss Laëtitia Lamamy cannot be held responsible in the event of accidental mating.

The animals must be dewormed before entering the pension. It is recommended to deworm the animal 15 days after the stay. The pension declines all responsibility if the animal has parasites after the stay in the pension, which would be due to the fact that the antiparasitic treatment carried out before entering the pension would not have been effective.

If a parasitic condition prejudicial to the good hygiene of the pension is found, or a health problem, the animal will undergo disinfection or a veterinary visit at the owner's expense.


Personal items

The pension accepts personal items (toys, carpets, baskets, etc.) but declines all responsibility in the event of damage. Items must be indelibly marked with the owner's name.


Illnesses and accidents

The owner undertakes to notify Miss Laëtitia Lamamy of any health problems, character problems or veterinary treatments specific to his animal. In the event of illness, accident or injury of the animal occurring during the stay in the establishment, the owner gives the right to Miss Laëtitia Lamamy to carry out emergency actions and to have the care deemed necessary by the veterinary clinic of the pension. The costs arising from this care and advanced by Miss Laëtitia Lamamy must be reimbursed by the owner upon presentation of supporting documents from the veterinarian.

It is specified that the hygiene and disinfection of the buildings are ensured daily.

The pension is never responsible for the health of the animal: its sole obligation in this matter consists, if suspicious signs are observed, in having the resident examined by the veterinarian attached to the establishment, following the medical prescriptions possible and this, at the expense of the owner of the animal.

The owner, who must be insured for civil liability for his animal, remains responsible for all possible damage caused by his animal during his stay in the boarding house, except for serious fault recognized as attributable to the guardian of the boarding house.


Death of the animal

In case of death of the animal during the stay, an autopsy will be performed which will determine the causes of death. A report will be drawn up by the veterinarian and a certificate will be issued to the owner, at his expense. Any animal aged 13 or over will not be autopsied unless expressly requested by the depositor. Miss Laëtitia Lamamy could not be held responsible in the event of the death of your companion which would be beyond her control and her responsibility (heart attack, previous illness, epilepsy, old age, etc.)



In the event that the animal cannot be taken back on the date provided for in the contract, the customer undertakes to notify Miss Laëtitia Lamamy as soon as possible and to pay the additional cost of care according to the current rate.

Failing this and without any news from the customer after 7 days after the expiry date of this contract, the animal is considered abandoned, then the boarding house may entrust it to an animal protection society (or shelter) and all extras will be the owner's responsibility.


The daily price includes accommodation without food. The owner must provide the food he wishes in sufficient quantity for the duration of the stay, if it is missing, a supplement of 2 to 4 € per day will be charged.

The day of entry and the day of exit will be charged regardless of the time of drop off or pick up of the animal.

Any additional day to those indicated on the reservation contract will be invoiced.

The balance of the stay is to be paid when your companion enters Cani'Bonheur.

During his stay, if the condition of your companion requires special care or a veterinary visit, the owner will have to pay for it on the day of his departure. As a result, you authorize Miss Laëtitia Lamamy to have any necessary veterinary care or intervention performed. Unless otherwise specified, you will be informed if an accident occurs and before any decision is made.

It is recalled that medical and surgical costs are the responsibility of the owner .



A deposit, corresponding to half of the stay, may be requested for any firm reservation.

It will not be subject to any refund in the event of cancellation of the stay less than 30 working days before the start of the pension.

Cancellation less than 7 working days before the start of the stay will result in the invoicing of the total cost of the stay remaining due, except for a valid cause (illness, death, etc.).


In the event that, for reasons of force majeure, and in particular in the event of a coronavirus epidemic declared by the national health authorities, regional, national and international travel cannot take place, which would lead to the cancellation of the request custody, then the sums already paid, such as installments:

- will be returned in full in the event of cancellation more than 30 working days before the start of the pension.

- will be returned up to half of the amount paid, less than 30 working days before the start of the pension.

- will not be returned less than 7 working days before the start of the pension.


The signed pension contract must be submitted with the deposit for any confirmation of stay reservation.

Any stay booked is a due stay, even if the owner takes back his animal early.

The balance of the pension is to be paid when the animal enters Cani'Bonheur.



I would like to inform you that you choose the Cani'Bonheur pension for the mode of care at the heart of our family, that your companions will meet up with other friends in the same living space, both indoors and outdoors. They will therefore have the same places to relax, rest or play together or even bicker.

SO it may be that at the end of the stay, there will be some sores because ZERO risk does not exist ....

Your companion being kept free, in a family setting and that everything has been planned to welcome him in the best conditions in a fully fenced garden, there is always a risk that a runaway dog may find a way to escape our vigilance when climbing the wall, gate, fence or digging a passage. All precautions being taken in this regard, Miss Laëtitia Lamamy declines all responsibility in the event of your companion running away. Know that a dog who wants to run away will always find a way to do so, whatever his breed, size, weight or age!

Miss Laëtitia Lamamy accepts categorized dogs with a compulsory copy of the positive evaluation test and the declaration at the town hall when booking made during the pre-visit. A muzzle will be requested on the day of boarding.

Entry and exit times are defined in advance, for organizational reasons. They can only be made by the owner or by the person authorized by him and registered on the booking form. As a security measure, if the person who must pick up the animal is different from the person who dropped it off or entered it on the reservation form, you must provide us with a copy of their identity document.

No complaint will be taken into account after the departure of your companion.

Your dog will have permanent access to the house, with my dog. The dogs are out at least 4 times a day, with access to the secure garden.

During his stay your dog may have to be photographed to appear on my website ( ), my social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok).

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